Friday, September 09, 2005

Ever play Old Maid?

So I happened to stumble upon a blog which I found very interesting. He has a bunch of Franz Ferdinand live performances of material off their upcoming album. As much as I am not a big fan of FF, its still a good listen when there is nothing else to do.

And he mentions the TV show Arrested Development as well, so it must be a worthy blog!

Anyways since no one has read my blog, I don't expect a huge increase of hits to this above mentioned site.
Oh well, at least I have good intentions!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

"POP Montreal Puff"

So I was just reading this weeks Montreal Mirror ( when I came across a letter from a reader entitled "POP Montreal Puff"
This reader gave a big FUCK YOU to all that is POP Montreal (especially its employees)
Well I have a response to him/her;
I thoroughly enjoy POP Montreal and make it out to an event each day of the festival. But, now get this! I don't even work for them!
Now isn't that crazy?? Someone who doesn't work for the festival is stating how good it is!
I do not understand why this person seems to believe that "POP Montreal wont shut up about themselves" I mean hey, if I enjoyed my job as much as the lovely people at POP Montreal do, I would talk about it all the time as well.
Oh well at least we wont have to deal with him/her at our concerts and parties talking about how great the new Burger is at McDonalds.

Clap your hands for Code Pie

I'm a bit slow on posting this, however I still feel the need to mention something.
On friday (sept 2nd) I was dazzled by the sounds of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Code Pie at the Main Hall.
As expected this ended up being a sold out event (as well as most CYHSY shows)
However, since Andrew Rose already wrote about such concert, I will only say one thing:
Code Pie were incredible

Thank you and have a lovely day