Wednesday, August 17, 2005

In Case We Die (at least we'll have good music to listen to)

So if anybody ever comes across this blog, and actually decides to read it, I will assume they have already heard "In Case We Die" by the lovely - Architecture In Helsinki.

Now, before I say anything else, I must admit to being a huge fan of this album. From the haunting hymn at the beginning of "Neverevereverdid" right down to the danceable trumpet on "What's In Store?" I can not get enough of their energetic everything-but-the-kitchen-sink sound. Since I am nowhere close to being a music critic, ( I like to see myself as an appreciator) I will just mention a few things about AIH.

1- Damn that "Do the Whirlwind" track is catchy. (will update on how the remix sounds once I've fed it to my brain 20,000 times)

2- Living in beautiful Montreal means I have the privilege to attend POP Montreal every year, where, coincidently AIH will be playing on October 2nd. (thx for the info Andrew Rose

3- This album is definitely worth picking up (no not just because Pitchfork gave it 8.8) And if you can come across their debut album (Fingers Crossed) it is also worth the listen.

4- Check out their website, they have these wicked "music videos" for a couple of the songs off each album.

Oh and since I already mentioned Pitchfork, you should check out this weeks (14/8-20/8) weekly feature .


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