Friday, September 09, 2005

Ever play Old Maid?

So I happened to stumble upon a blog which I found very interesting. He has a bunch of Franz Ferdinand live performances of material off their upcoming album. As much as I am not a big fan of FF, its still a good listen when there is nothing else to do.

And he mentions the TV show Arrested Development as well, so it must be a worthy blog!

Anyways since no one has read my blog, I don't expect a huge increase of hits to this above mentioned site.
Oh well, at least I have good intentions!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

"POP Montreal Puff"

So I was just reading this weeks Montreal Mirror ( when I came across a letter from a reader entitled "POP Montreal Puff"
This reader gave a big FUCK YOU to all that is POP Montreal (especially its employees)
Well I have a response to him/her;
I thoroughly enjoy POP Montreal and make it out to an event each day of the festival. But, now get this! I don't even work for them!
Now isn't that crazy?? Someone who doesn't work for the festival is stating how good it is!
I do not understand why this person seems to believe that "POP Montreal wont shut up about themselves" I mean hey, if I enjoyed my job as much as the lovely people at POP Montreal do, I would talk about it all the time as well.
Oh well at least we wont have to deal with him/her at our concerts and parties talking about how great the new Burger is at McDonalds.

Clap your hands for Code Pie

I'm a bit slow on posting this, however I still feel the need to mention something.
On friday (sept 2nd) I was dazzled by the sounds of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Code Pie at the Main Hall.
As expected this ended up being a sold out event (as well as most CYHSY shows)
However, since Andrew Rose already wrote about such concert, I will only say one thing:
Code Pie were incredible

Thank you and have a lovely day

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

In Montreal

On Sunday (august 28) I spent the evening dancing to the grooves of Of Montreal at the lovely and may I say cozy Sala Rossa. Every time I am lucky enough to see a band at this venue it seems to add to my enjoyment. There is just something about it, the beautiful and classy restaurant that holds fort for said venue, the chandeliers delicately lighting the "220" person capacity dance floor all the way down to the metal chains that hold the sometimes not too sturdy overhead fans in place. If anybody ever has the chance to see a band play there, I highly recommend doing so.

Now, to discuss The Management, or MGMT as their banner stated. These two enthusiastic topless, sunglass wearing guys opened the night with their upbeat infectious pre-recorded beats and playful lyrics. The stage had a half assed tempo (carport) with the letters MGMT hanging in the background, and two guitars handing from elastics on each side. No instruments were really ever played besides a few slaps on the small electronic drum pads they had beside them and the occasional hit on the guitars with the same drumsticks. Halfway through the set one would end up mentioning that just because they don't play any instruments does not mean they are not talented. Oh well besides all the antics, I couldn't help but think that if I was introduced to their music by way of a song or album before seeing them I would probably enjoy it. Too bad they don't have some sort of band/instruments/turntables/something.

Of Montreal went through a similar set as the previous time they graced the stage of La Sala Rossa, however this time with a few less lights and with a bit more attitude (the good kind). They played a new song that fitted perfectly with the rest of the set which was largely made up of songs of their latest effort "Sunlandic Twins", and seemed as happy as ever to be up there giving it their all. Further into the set, most members decided to take off their shirts mostly due to the immense heat in the packed-to-the-back room, and even the female keyboardist got into the fun by slipping out of her "panties". Good times were had by all.

Sidenote - I picked up the New Pornographers latest album "Twin Cinema" and have been largely impressed to date. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

In Case We Die (at least we'll have good music to listen to)

So if anybody ever comes across this blog, and actually decides to read it, I will assume they have already heard "In Case We Die" by the lovely - Architecture In Helsinki.

Now, before I say anything else, I must admit to being a huge fan of this album. From the haunting hymn at the beginning of "Neverevereverdid" right down to the danceable trumpet on "What's In Store?" I can not get enough of their energetic everything-but-the-kitchen-sink sound. Since I am nowhere close to being a music critic, ( I like to see myself as an appreciator) I will just mention a few things about AIH.

1- Damn that "Do the Whirlwind" track is catchy. (will update on how the remix sounds once I've fed it to my brain 20,000 times)

2- Living in beautiful Montreal means I have the privilege to attend POP Montreal every year, where, coincidently AIH will be playing on October 2nd. (thx for the info Andrew Rose

3- This album is definitely worth picking up (no not just because Pitchfork gave it 8.8) And if you can come across their debut album (Fingers Crossed) it is also worth the listen.

4- Check out their website, they have these wicked "music videos" for a couple of the songs off each album.

Oh and since I already mentioned Pitchfork, you should check out this weeks (14/8-20/8) weekly feature .

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Boy With The Unfair Rating

So, I was quickly recapping some old album reviews on the infamous, when I came across Belle & Sebastian's 1998 effort " The Boy With The Arab Strap" Now I can agree with Jason (reviewer) that it is not their best effort, however giving it a 0.8 seems a bit harsh.
I mean honestly! that puts it down there with that sorry excuse for an album Weezer put out (Make Believe) which received a deserving 0.4.
I'm going to have to go home and listen to it RIGHT after listening to "If You're Feeling Sinister" to hopefully have some insight on why it received so little.
Now do not get me wrong, I am not one to follow in the footsteps of a media source to tell me what to like, however Pitchfork has been fairly good to me and has introduced me to many innovative artists (upcoming as well as established).